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There was a time when you flew in circles about the room, flapping your wee wings and laughing in delight.

There was a time when the cries ushering from your mouth were only true tears of sadness or hunger.

A hug, a nurse, a kiss, a tickle, cheered all.

Where have you gone, my little fae?  And who is this peskie pixie that has come in your place?

Who screams with a banshie howl, shattering glass with her spoiled desires.

Who refuses to listen to reason and instead throws herself on the ground–a heap of thrashing limbs.

Who screams and screams and screams and screams.

And then screams some more.

Where did she come from and why?

But, of most importance, how do I get you back, child of my heart?

I see glimpses of you as she gasps for a new breath.  I see you underneath it as she whimpers, ‘I want a hug.’  But I cannot give in while she is still here.  That would make her stronger.  Some how I must resist her caterwauling and still find you beneath it all.

I don’t know how to do that.

I miss you, child of my heart.  I miss the mama I was to you.

But, most of all, I miss you.  My little faery child.  I miss you.  I hope you find your way home soon.


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in honor of all things that make blogs great, i’d like to introduce you to a new blog:

living oprah

written by a fantastically funny woman/performer/writer who i had the pleasure of working with back in chi-town.  she has set out to live the year 2008 according to oprah.  that’s right, she’s watching the show, reading the magazine, reading all the books oprah recommends, and basically attempting to do whatever oprah says she should in order to live a happier more successful life.

i have my sincere doubts about whether an “oprah lifestyle” will actually make her life better, but it will certainly be a really funny year watching her try!

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my resolutions

here they are. i never remember if i actually keep any of them, but i might as well make the list:

  • have an entirely uneventful year. i just want to be. the zen year.
  • cut out the sugar. no more sugar in excess and no more white flour products. i’ve done it before. it’s time to do it again.
  • go to bed before midnight at least 6 nights of every week. um, right now it’s zero so this might be kind of a stretch for me.
  • do my knee exercises every day. um, right now it’s once or twice a week. again, a challenge.
  • cut down on the excess on-line time. there are days when i spend hours doing nothing on-line. it’s useless. it’s time wasted. it keeps me up late and makes me feel cranky. it shouldn’t be replacing real world friendships
  • so what do all those things up there boil down to?  take one more step to becoming a whole person again.

Happy New Year everyone!

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