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I have been toying with closing this blog down for several months.

It was my life line when my marriage fell apart.

And then it became a way to write creatively and explore my budding love of photography.

And now it feels like a burden.

I want to bring you great stories, but I’ve been so happy living my life that whenever I think “ah, this needs to be blogged” I promptly forget what it was I wanted to blog.

I want to be open to comments, but my last round of abusive commenting provoked me to remove my favorite list from this blog because I’m not sure I can handle another such attack.

I want to stay.  But I’m learning to balance my online time with my real-time.  And this means far more real-time than online time.  And, frankly, I like it that way.

So every couple of weeks I make the decision to say farewell.  And then a few days later, I change my mind.

And this would be why I’ve been posting so rarely.

Needless to say, I’m still undecided.

But, I am not undecided about my other blog.  The one that is even more neglected than this one.  I’ll be posting far more over there, for certain, because the thing that has me preoccupied is my transition into a position of artistic leadership.  I’m learning a lot and I feel it’s important to share.  I hope, if I fail here, you will at least follow me over there.


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Avi:  What’s that?

Mama: It’s an article about a woman who is going back to school to learn about leadership.

Avi: Why does she want to learn about leadership?

Mama:  Because she wants to change the world and it’s easier to do that when you’re a leader.

Avi:  I want to change the Wol-old

Mama:  You do?  That’s great!

Avi:  Mama, I’m going to change the world with these cds.

Mama: Okay.


Avi: Hmmmm, these aren’t working, I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

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She is exposed to art, music, sports, books, friends, video games, movies, nature, cities, foreign cultures, cooking, building, working, computers, dance, yoga, stage combat, big kids, little kids, grown-ups and babies.

She is given sneakers, mary janes, heels, and boots.

She is provided trucks, trains, cooking stuff, brooms, dress-up stuff, stuffed animals, dinosaurs, blocks, legos, a rocking horse, paints, crayons, balls, and bikes.

And yet, says her feminist mama, she leans toward the colors purple and pink, her toy of choice is a baby doll, she loves dresses and tights and sparkly things, and, most of all, she loves fancy shoes.

So I made the decision to embrace the girliness that is my girl.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all Disney Princesses from here.  We’ll still be hiking and  playing sports, building train sets and talking about dinosaurs.  But when she chooses pink, I will no longer grimace.  I will be okay with my strong feminist daughter who happens to love pink, spangly fairy princess dresses.  I am, after all, a strong feminist mama who happens to own a collection of tea cups and has a weakness for fairies.

In any event, in honor of my embrace, we went and bought her very own pair of dress-up heels.  She’s been wearing them non-stop ever since.  The girl is truly in love.

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