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No.  Not mine.


You, people I have met with and worked with and then I discover you have become something even grander.

I find myself bursting with pride when I come across an old friend or, more frequently, a short-term colleague (given the nature of theater) who has accomplished something wonderful.

When I was just out of college, I worked on a short play with a young man who, at the time, was approaching his late 20s.  He had a two year old son and a dedicated wife.  His wife had agreed to let him quit his day job so he could pursue acting full time.  He had a year to make sure he could bring home some bacon.  This short play was his first gig.  A few years later, when I returned to that city, I attended an awards banquet, and there he was, up on stage, part of the evening’s honored entertainment.

Just this fall I discovered a girlfriend out in LA writing for Knight Rider.

If I were to sit down and watch TV, I stumble across a familiar face on a commercial or TV show at least every couple of months.

And I feel like my heart will burst I’m so proud of them.  There is, fantastically, no jealousy at all.  I don’t find myself watching them, or reading about them, and burning up with desire.  Going green with envy of what they’ve done.  I just am glad I “knew them when…”

And the inspiration for this post?  This chic over at Living Oprah. She was my director in Chicago.  She cast me in an all-improvised show when I had very little experience and she patiently and determinedly dragged the best out of me.  Learning to improvise for her was one of the best things I ever could have done as an actress.  She is a remarkable woman.  She has spent this entire year taking ALL of Oprah’s advice–and I mean ALL.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, she’ll be on the Today Show with Matt Lauer.  So freaking cool.

Go read her blog.


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