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Breathing In

I love the smell of my child’s hair in the morning.

I love the feeling of her soft cheek on mine.

I love the way she wraps her tiny hands around my neck and tucks herself up against me.

I breath her in.

Our photographer captured this ephemeral breath last Sunday.  I never thought I would see an image of myself breathing in the spirit of my child and treasuring it.  And yet, here it is, in all its power, in all its vulnerability.


When I am fifty, I will show my child this image and she will marvel at my youth.  And I will marvel at her youth.  And I will say, “You see?  I have always loved you and I always will.  No matter where I am.  No matter where you are.”


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County Fair

Girl at County Fair

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I am In-Between Times.

Reflected River Bank

There is a pang of farewell that catches me when I least expect it.

There is an expectation of promise.  Of life. Of livelihood.

They criss-cross.  Mingle.  Dance in my dreams and tread through my days.


We are neither summer nor autumn.

My daughter is neither infant nor child.

They are in-between, and so I am in-between.

It is like the moment before sunrise when the bugs go to sleep and the birds have yet to sing.  It is in-between, undefined in it’s defined in-betweenness.  It is chilling, mesmerizing, and brimming with…something.  Something grande, I suppose.

I may be in-between, but my infant/child is happily defining her now.

I will catch up when I’m ready.  For now, I’m okay drifting a bit.

Hidden Duck

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The Bountiful Months

The harvests are coming in.  Being down in NYC last week was a real kick-in-the-pants reminder that I am so lucky to be living in a home with a little garden, in a state with plenty of land on which to grow, and in an area where I can find fresh fruits and veggies in season.  The shriveled blueberries I found in NYC were quickly thrown in the trash after a few eager bites.

IMG_1874We went to our local berry farm right when the blueberries came into season.  They were, to be cliched, dripping from the trees.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  A week or so later, we went camping up in Maine and Avi ate bluberries right from the bushes all around our campsite…tiny wild tart blueberries.

IMG_1948I put our tomato plants in a wee early this year, but it’s worked to our advantage.  The harvest began about three weeks ago and has brought in a regular supply of grape tomatoes.  I’ve been giving away just as many as we eat.  And we’ve only got three plants.  I can only imagine the bounty if we had a whole row.

IMG_1882Okay, yeah, ice cream’s not technically part of the harvest.  But after a couple weeks of August heat, it’s a regular part of our diet so I celebrate it anyways.

The only thing to mourn is our sad little pumpkin patch.  It was an experiment that was going along just fine until my three little pumpkins on my three little plants contracted Powdery Mildew while I was out of town.  Upon my return, they’d gotten so bad and moist that an earwig family had taken up residence.  Gross.  I tried to save them but I couldn’t.  We quickly lost the two little ones and the big one followed a couple of days ago.  And I very bravely picked up the pumpkin to show Avi the very large grub that had taken up residence inside of it, even though my initial spotting of it made me shriek and jump three feet.  She thought it was cool.

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NYC in August




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Yesterday I left this


For this

But after the past 20 Hours, what I really need is this

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