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Musical Genius

Sung as she sat down for dinner.

Two little kitties running down the street.
They found a pizza and they ate it as a treat.


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I am In-Between Times.

Reflected River Bank

There is a pang of farewell that catches me when I least expect it.

There is an expectation of promise.  Of life. Of livelihood.

They criss-cross.  Mingle.  Dance in my dreams and tread through my days.


We are neither summer nor autumn.

My daughter is neither infant nor child.

They are in-between, and so I am in-between.

It is like the moment before sunrise when the bugs go to sleep and the birds have yet to sing.  It is in-between, undefined in it’s defined in-betweenness.  It is chilling, mesmerizing, and brimming with…something.  Something grande, I suppose.

I may be in-between, but my infant/child is happily defining her now.

I will catch up when I’m ready.  For now, I’m okay drifting a bit.

Hidden Duck

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