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My mom rarely set punishments.  I was never grounded.

Once, when I was somewhere around 8, I got lazy and didn’t go home to check in at the appointed time.  A couple of hours later, my mom found me down in the yard of the local school.  Her voice was strained, like she was trying to speak through a straw.  I think she reprimanded me.  And then she told me I needed to play inside for the rest of the day.  I don’t recall it as a punishment, but I do recall feeling guilty since I knew I’d been naughty and made her worry when I could have just walked up the street and told her I was okay and gone back to playing.  That was, after all, why I was wearing my lovely red watch.

Yet, somehow along the way, even without grounding, I learned my lessons.  Don’t drive after 1am if you don’t have to: you’re too tired, you’ll probably hit a deer, and you’re more likely to get hit by a drunk driver.  Always get pierced somewhere reputable, with clean instruments.  Always save your video games: you’ll have to quit before you’re done and go get dinner.  Keep a journal.  Midwives are great.  Stand up for yourself.  Chocolate is so worth it.  Take risks, with caution.

And, my all time favorite: “Sometimes good enough, is enough.”

Well, my mom may never have grounded me, but I had to ground myself to learn a lesson this week.  And I learned it.  It was rough.  Here was the deal:

One week of no blogging, no blog-stalking, no message-boarding, no surfing.  Essential emails only.

I broke the rules once or twice.  I posted on my mom’s group message board a couple of times:  I was snowed in with a sick kid and really needed more apple juice.  I would consider it essential.  I worked on a blog, but it was for work, so I considered it essential since it wasn’t part of my mom blogging.  I surfed a couple times but only for something specific that I needed to know, and then I closed the browser as soon as I found the answer.

It was rough.

But productive.

Really productive, actually.  Even with a sick kid, and now sick myself, I still got all my chores done and crossed a few things of the life to do list as well.  And I still got to bed on time, finished a book, and watched a movie.

I’m not sure what my new rules will be nor do I think I need to create any.  Just a little more self-awareness and self-control will do.

Lesson learnt, mom.


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