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Bloggy Bitch

I would like to interupt our regularly scheduled program of cute children’s pictures and life-changing epiphanies to bitch about Blogger.  I dislike it.  A lot.

I’m a wordpress girl thru and thru.

I started a blogger page a while back for putting up private photos and stories for family members spread out around the country.  Being a wordpress user (our own hosted sites, not just this wordpress hosted variety) I decided I need to check out the other top bloggy site to see how it went.  It went okay, until I got to photos.  Um, photos, of my child…pretty much the whole reason I was experimenting with the site.  Here’s what I discovered:

Why Blogger stinks:

1. s.l.o.w. image upload

2. teeny tiny editing window that you can’t make any bigger.  no matter what.

3. s.l.o.w. image upload

4. the connection to picasa only works half the time.  the other half of the time, it crashes my program

5. put more than three images in the window and you can no longer move them around at will.  they jump around on their own, thanks to the inability to format the lay-out of each photo at-will.  well, i could, but I don’t have time to futz with the html when I’m just posting a photo for Grandma.  I want user interface designed for dummies, baby!

6. s.l.o.w. image upload

And now, ladies and gentleman, I will leave you to our regular programming and hope that the last photo I just tried to upload to Blogger is finally done.

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